hallo, hej!


talent scout – annette used to be an art director at springer&jacoby and kolle rebbe. candidates are dealing with a very creative person who knows the job from within. she will help you to highlight your profession and articulate and accentuate your career chances.

annette worked as a personnel consultant with designerstock for 6 years. customers appreciated her creative background, as it helped develop her fine sense for creative and other talents.

and hej! annette lived in stockholm for three years – she has built up and maintained a network of connections that allow her to place job seekers from germany in sweden and vice versa!

if you‘re here,
you’re almost there

do you have clear-cut ideas about your new job? do you feel that a change is inevitable? take the initiative and check out the positions advertised on this site. or you can simply send your application per email. or best yet, just give her a call!

it is important to follow up with a personal meeting, as it is helpful in improving your chances and streamlining your application!

fill a position.

each customer is a new ball game – that is why annette begins each search exactly there: with the customer. she will meet you in your own surroundings to get an intimate and detailed feeling for your expectations, your employees, the premises and the job description.

years of experience, substantial knowledge of the field and a great deal of empathy and creativity help annette successfully find the perfect candidate for you.

make a
fresh start.

so much job oportunities, so little time. just contact me!

pling, ring-ring
and go.